A Vet Tool is now available!

A Vet Tool is the perfect app for veterinarians, vet technicians, vet students, anyone working in the veterinary field, or just interested in more information about the drugs and tests used at a vet clinic. By downloading A Vet Tool you are getting five fully featured applications. The five applications are accessible through an easy to use tab based interface.

- The first application is a complete small animal drug formulary with over 650 drugs. The drugs can be accessed quickly with an alphabetical index or by using the search function. Each drug lists the indications and appropriate drug dosages in a format perfectly suited for the iPhone and iPod touch. When compared to the price of a printed formulary this function alone makes A Vet Tool a great value!

- The second application contains common blood value lab results for birds, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and turtles.

- The third application performs conversions that a veterinary professional must do on a daily basis such as converting from pounds to kilograms. It includes both weight units (Kg, gram, mg, μg, ounce, lb) and liquid units (Liter, dL, mL, ounce, tsp, tbsp, cc).

- The fourth application is a fully featured calculator with memory function. The calculator's memory is saved even when the app is exited.

- The fifth application is a great notepad. The notepad allows you to categorize your notes with an icon that can be easily identified on the main note listing. The note titles can be searched to provide quick access. Notes can be added, deleted, and edited at any time.

A Vet Tool was created with the assistance of several veterinary professionals and will provide anyone in the veterinary field or interested in the veterinary field a great value for their iPhone and iPod touch.